4"+ Black Panther Wakanda Flag Adhesive Vinyl Decal

4"+ Black Panther Wakanda Flag Adhesive Vinyl Decal


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Adhesive vinyl decal - great for cars, laptops, binders, toolboxes, or anything with a flat, smooth surface. Bring your car or laptop to life with your favorite decal! Free shipping!

Instructions for application:
Clean desired surface and let it dry thoroughly.
Before removing transfer sheet + vinyl, rub the surface with a flat object like a credit card (this is to insure that the vinyl will come away properly with the transfer sheet).
Pull up one corner of the clear transfer sheet and pull slowly, insuring all vinyl comes away with the transfer sheet (if for some reason the vinyl does not come off the paper backing, carefully replace the transfer sheet and rub down again).
Place the transfer sheet + vinyl on your desired surface (you will not be able to easily remove the decal and reposition it, so be sure to take your time and place it in the exact spot that you want it to go!)
Rub the surface again to get the vinyl to stick strongly to the desired surface.
Pull away the clear transfer sheet, leaving the vinyl behind on your car, laptop, or whatever item you decide to decorate.

Our vinyl decals are waterproof and should last when put on outside surfaces.